Imagine exploring the ancient city of Kano or cruising the stunning Cross River without the worry of outrageous phone bills. This essential guide to roaming charges in Nigeria unlocks the secrets to staying connected while saving money. We’ll explore affordable options, data plans, and insider tips to ensure your Nigerian adventure is filled with worry-free connection.

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I. Understand Data Roaming in Nigeria

When you travel abroad and use your phone, your carrier charges you extra fees called roaming charges.This includes making calls, sending texts, and using data (internet) in Nigeria. As your phone connects to a Nigerian network instead of your usual one, you have to pay extra fee for this service.

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II. Roaming Charges in Nigeria

1. How to Check Roaming Charges Before Your Travel To Nigeria

To ensure a smooth and budget-friendly trip, it’s vital to understand and verify roaming charges before your Nigerian journey. Here are 3 ways to do this:

Contact your mobile provider

For the most reliable details please contact your mobile service provider directly. This is possible via their app, website or by calling their customer service. Don’t forget to ask them for the roaming rates they offer in Nigeria. Furthermore, send them an email or a message if they have any special offers for their visitors in Nigeria. Such packages might therefore become something that is well worth spending the money on so that you can save money on international phone calls.

Unlimited data and texting in Nigeria

This way, you will have a clear understanding of the costs you have to pay for calls, texts, and data while you’re abroad.

Research applicable roaming fees

Many mobile companies have detailed information about roaming charges for different countries on their websites. Look for a section on international roaming or travel fees. There, you can find the specific costs for data usage, calls, and text messages based on your current mobile plan.

Call Customer Service

Besides, you can also call their customer service department. Ask about their international roaming rates and any special packages they offer for travel to Nigeria.

2. Roaming Charges in Nigeria by USA Mobile Operators

The following table provides resources for researching roaming charges in Nigeria offered by major USA mobile operators (T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon).

Mobile Operator Calls Text Data
T-Mobile $0.25/min Sending: $0.50/txt Receiving: Deducted from your domestic texting plan’s allotment. $15.00/MB
AT&T $3/min $0.5/txt $2.05/MB
Verizon $2.99/min $2.05/MB

Note: The price of mobile phone services may differ from each other depending on the chosen mobile operator and the specific service (calls, texts, data)

III. Best Ways to Avoid Roaming Charges in Nigeria

Using phones in a foreign country can be very expensive if you’re not careful. Here are some effective methods to ensure you stay connected in Nigeria without incurring unexpected costs:


1. Buy an eSIM from

Consider purchasing an eSIM specifically designed for use in Nigeria. Websites like certain eSIM providers offer convenient options, allowing you to access data immediately upon arrival. These eSIMs typically boast competitive rates and data packages, guaranteeing you stay connected without hidden roaming fees.

Plan that may interest you

Nigeria eSIM 7 Days Plan
Nigeria eSIM 7 Days Plan
From $9.50
Nigeria eSIM 15 Days Plan
Nigeria eSIM 15 Days Plan
From $17.50
Nigeria eSIM 30 Days Plan
Nigeria eSIM 30 Days Plan
From $24.50

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2. Buy a Local SIM Card

Major Nigerian operators offer prepaid plans with affordable call, text, and data options. This offers you control over your spending and utilizes the local network infrastructure. Most airports in Nigeria have mobile operator counters that provide SIM card purchase services. The local mobile phone shops and the authorized sales points of the major mobile companies are also the places where SIM cards are sold.

3. Enable Wi-Fi Calling

Many smartphones offer a built-in feature called Wi-Fi Calling. This gives you the ability not to use your cellular network for making and receiving calls providing you with the option of using your Wi-Fi. If your phone and lodging (hotel, apartment) provide free Wi-Fi, accessing Wi-Fi calling using less data can be a money-saving option.

4. Manage App Activity

Be aware of applications that automatically download updates or synchronize data.  While roaming, consider disabling background app refresh to prevent unwanted data usage.

5. Master Airplane Mode

This method may seem counterintuitive, but airplane mode can be a valuable tool.  Activate it when you don’t require immediate reachability. Doing so disables data roaming entirely, preventing accidental internet usage and subsequent roaming charges. Remember to deactivate it when connectivity is necessary.

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IV. FAQs about Roaming in Nigeria

What are roaming charges?

Roaming charges are fees your home mobile operator applies when you use your phone for calls, texts, or data in a different country (in this case, Nigeria). These charges can be very expensive.

What documents do I need to buy a SIM card in Nigeria?

Typically, you will need your passport. Nigerian regulations require SIM card registration with a National Identification Number (NIN). As a foreigner, check with the mobile operator to explore other possibilities to use a mobile service except the usual method of registration in case you cannot register in the regular mode.

Is it possible to keep the number that I am using through the line of an Nigerian SIM card?

No, your existing phone number is not within the SIM card space in Nigeria. The sim card shall have the new Nigerian phone number.

Who should consider an eSIM in Nigeria?

An eSIM can be ideal for travelers with a brief stay who don’t want to invest time in aquiring a local SIM card. If you’re visiting other countries with eSIM options, having an eSIM provider that offers coverage in multiple regions can be convenient.

V. Conclusion

Understanding your options for staying connected in Nigeria, either local SIM cards to eSIm and Wi-Fi calling allows you to avoid excessive roaming charges.  For travelers who have short trips and are looking for immediate and convenient ways of getting services can purchase eSIMs from providers like These eSIMs come with data plans specifically designed for Nigeria.

By carefully considering your travel needs and budget, you can choose the most affordable options for staying connected throughout your Nigerian adventure.